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Joe Does a Good Deed

I was catching up on Joe's twitter feed and he has posted a picture of a baby seal that he saw on the beach.  Since he thought it looked sick and tired, he called someone to come look and they took it to (I suppose) a rehab facility.  He said the seal would be getting sushi there!  Proves he's a good guy.


Tiny Update

Not much has changed.  He's sitting up a lot more, mostly in a wheelchair which makes it more convenient to get him to and from the rehab rooms.  They're huge spaces, larger than some gyms I've seen and have lots of machines for specific exercises.  Some of the areas are set up to look and feel like you're in a home with the typical obstacles you'd find there.

He's determined to conquer all the obstacles and improve as fast as possible.

Sort of an Update

I had a 24 hour bug and since I was running a fever, I didn't go to the center today.  Hubby and I talked several times on the phone and he sounded fine.  He was even pleased that both his lunch and dinner had been edible. So I'll go out tomorrow afternoon barring any more complications.  I just didn't think it was wise to go where people are sick with the fever and tummy problems.

'Nother Update

Hubby was transported from the hospital to the rehab center after lunch today.  I hope that what I've heard about this facility is better than what I saw.  One of the nurses made the comment that the center was past due for an upgrade and I couldn't agree more.  The hallways looked nice but the rooms are lacking.  He is in a semi-private room and I can see right now that his room mate is going to get on my nerves if I am in the room the same time he is.  He must be about half deaf (I'm not making fun of him) and he keeps his tv on as loud as it can go.  He has also appropriated all the chairs and keeps them on his side of the curtain.  I had to ask a PA if I could get one.

Hubby's shedule seems to be a busy one.  His rehab is split into morning and afternoon sesions with a break for lunch.  They prefer visitors to come after 4:00 in the afternoon, so maybe I can get caught up on laundry, etc. before I go out to visit.

No idea yet as to how long he'll stay there.  I'm guessing that everything depends on his progress.  I hope he'll do well and be home soon.


Back from the hospital and encouraged by some progress that Hubby has made.  He was allowed to sit in a chair most of the day and walked a bit (with a walker and a lot of help).  He's still in a lot of pain but the doctor has his pain pills on a shorter schedule so that he gets relief before the prior pill wears off.

As far as I know, they've found a room for him at a rehab facility and we're hoping he'll be transported there tomorrow.  This facility has a really good reputation for high quality though it's pretty intense.  The time I can spend with him will be much less so that he can concentrate on his rehab.  If he is transferred there tomorrow I should have a schedule for vistitation.

Not So Merry Update

Hubby is still in the hospital.  He's progressed from morphine to oxycontin so he's actually making a little more sense when he's conscious.  He's still in some pain and has no appetite, so I've been coaxing him to eat at least a little bit.  I've learned that Ensure can be your friend.

The therapist has him sitting in a chair for lunch and then a while after.  Naturally, he isn't able to put any weight on his leg at all.  We're waiting to be told when and where he'll be going for rehab. I'm afraid that he'll be in rehab for quite a while, but maybe things will settle down a little once he's there and is on a regular schedue.

I'm exhausted and naturally my back is acting up out of spite.  Some of it is probably sitting and sleeping in the not-so-comfortable hospital chairs, some from staying tensed up and worried.

Hope to have some news tomorrow.

Not So Merry Christmas

I'll be spending Christmas in the hospital.  Hubby has a badly broken leg.  We had gone to the Eye Center for his appointment (just a check-up) and as we were going through the double doors the entry rug had gotten rucked up.  I walked past it and suddenly something hit me in the back.  I staggered a few steps, but got my balance and turned around to find Hubby lying on the floor of the entry.  He had caught his shoes in the rug and went down hard pushing me as he fell.  There was a huge scene with the people from the Eye Center rushing over and trying to help.  We propped his head and knees up with pillows til the paramedics got there.  He was in so much pain they had to give him some pretty strong drugs so they could transport him to the hospital

The rest of Monday was spent getting him admitted and more or less sorted out until the orthopedic surgeon could do his exam and check the x-rays.  On the plus side, his hip is not broken.  On the minus side, his femur is badly broken.  The surgery was today. It took quite a few hours and he ended up with a rod and several screws to hold everything together. So . .  I'm more or less living there untll it's decided if he can come home or if he'll have to go to a rehab facility first.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.  A fancy dinner and champagne is now out and I feel so sorry for him.  He's getting little rest and practically no sleep and I'm doing the same.  If he has to go to rehab, I won't be able to bring him home til probably New Year's.

That's the story of our holiday. I hope everyone else is having much better luck and a much more Merry Chrstmas!

Netflex - Looking for advice

Question for Netflix users: How does it work? I know that I have to buy a box (I'm looking at Roku III), I don't have Wi-Fi but Roku is HDMI compliant. Are movies and/or TV shows charged individually as well or does the $8.00 per month cover the cost of the shows. Any and all advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This will not be in replacemen of our cable service but in addition to it as I have a bundled service.


The Jack Haldean Mysteries

Sorry, I can't remember who recommended these books to me.  I've just gotten the first one and haven't even read it yet but I still wanted to thank you.  Just browsing through the book has gotten me very hopeful that it's going to be a good read.  Thanks again!


I was born 63 years ago today.  My birthday seems weirder every year.  Sometimes I feel like I'm 18 but, depending on a lot of factors, at times I feel as though I'm 118.  Guess that's how it goes.  Thanks to everyone who remembered.  I really appreciate it.